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To Sell or Keep...

Hey Gents, TL;DR at bottom. The time old debate.... Should I keep my car or get a new one? So I am about to finally pay off my car afte…

Started by Vendetta

35 Oct 6
Reply by Regular Joe

My First Motorcycle

Hey guys I've been looking at getting into motorcycles for a while now and finally have some money to make it happen. Now I've looked up so…

Started by Tyler Christ

19 Oct 2
Reply by QuackXP

Learning Mechanic Skills/ Buying New Car

I recently got the sudden urge to sell my '03 Impala (don't get me wrong, I still love that car and it was my dads) and buy an '85 Bronco t…

Started by Tyler M.

11 Oct 1
Reply by Judah Chadwick

Custom Motorcycles

How many of you AOM members build or work on your own bikes?

Started by Wayne

10 Sep 29
Reply by Nicholas Day

Service Log

i recently got a used Motorcycle. Since it's used, and have some years on it's back it needs some maintenance. I want to keep a log of ever…

Started by Kristoffer Larson

3 Sep 16
Reply by Seth Pearson

Favorite Film/Television Cars

What are your favorite cars from film and television? Here's mine: The DeLorean from Back to the Future (1985). The Ecto 1 from Ghostbus…

Started by Pale Horse

22 Aug 25
Reply by Regular Joe

To trade or not to trade

This is mostly my daydream at work today.... I have a 2006 Silverado 1500 Ext Cab 4x4 with 148,000 miles. It's a fine truck but with the c…

Started by Wade

8 Aug 13
Reply by Native Son

Your favorite odd car?

So what is the car that you really like, that you tend not to let people know about?  Me personally I love Saturns! and most specifically I…

Started by Joshua

31 Aug 13
Reply by Harry Hart

Saltwater powered (super) car This is radically cool.  The only question I have is what are the by-p…

Started by Rick Shelton

6 Aug 10
Reply by Vendetta

Roadside Car Repair

What would everyone consider as the bare essentials for a roadside car repair kit. To start I would include an extra headlight and a serpen…

Started by QuackXP

14 Jul 21
Reply by JD


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Pale Horse replied to Chu Kim's discussion The Anti-Christ
"Jenkins and LaHaye (yes, I know) wrote a prequel to their Left Behind series about the Antichrist's mother and his rearing. Long story short, he was the product of a eugenics project set up by a Luciferian cult, and raised by them. It was…"
18 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to John Muir's discussion The Gnarliness of Israel
"Nice pictures, Muir. Thanks for posting."
25 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to John Muir's discussion The Gnarliness of Israel
26 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to kb123's discussion The Manliest thing about George Washington: Persuasion Skills
"+1. His circumstance was only a launch pad for his success. He was in many respects a self-made man."
30 minutes ago
Seitanist Dan posted a status
"I am gaey for Cooper"
38 minutes ago
Christopher replied to Ben's discussion To circumcise or not?
"Scott--I know this is an old post, but the tearing you had in your foreskin. Was it perhaps just the head/glans seperating from the inner foreskin? In many boys, they do not seperate until puberty, when the penis grows, or when the boy starts to…"
39 minutes ago
Matthew Cruse posted a status
"Mostly WW2, Tanks and other armor. thanks for asking!"
52 minutes ago
Chu Kim replied to Jay D's discussion How do i not get fucked over here?
"In order to not get "fucked" as you so eloquently put it, quite simply, is this...YOU must be the one doing the fucking. Be the fuck-er, not the fuck-ed. That is my advice in a nutshell. That is, fuck first, ask questions later. To…"
1 hour ago

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