"Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe

Started by Jack Bauer in Money and Career. Last reply by John Muir 16 seconds ago. 148 Replies

When can a boy learn to fight back?

Started by James Sullivan in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Stein 30 minutes ago. 64 Replies

Bug Out Bag,

Started by N. Vest in Manly Skills. Last reply by Milo Morris 1 hour ago. 272 Replies

Vote Now: America's Ugliest Accent

Started by Regular Joe in General Discussion. Last reply by Regular Joe 2 hours ago. 13 Replies

A scent that smells like Leather, tobacco, wood and welding flame?

Started by Jonathan Bjerre Guld Jørgensen in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Pale Horse 2 hours ago. 46 Replies

What do you keep in your trunk?

Started by John Muir in Manly Skills. Last reply by terry sperling 2 hours ago. 39 Replies

Denver meetup?

Started by Jeremy Anderberg in General Discussion. Last reply by Glen Yoshida 3 hours ago. 1 Reply

Civilization Restart Garden

Started by David F. in Manly Skills. Last reply by Rick Shelton 3 hours ago. 77 Replies


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Mohan replied to Jack Bauer's discussion What'cha watchin'? Your manly entertainment recommendations, reviews and discussions ...
"One of my favorites is Blue Bloods on CBS.  It is about a family of cops who are tough, nose to the grindstone.  The topics are real day to day stuff, and what's more, it has 80s tough guy Tom Selleck playing Dad/Commissioner of…"
1 minute ago
Jack Bauer replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"You're an idiot.  Skilled vs. unskilled isn't elitist terminology.  I'm not condescending to anybody.  I'm not special.  I'm not better.  Its just a label for the amount of prior training any…"
6 minutes ago
Daniel Offenbacher posted a discussion

First Girlfriend- How to make it work.a

Today, I officially entered a relationship. The big issue is that I haven't been in one before, I just need some tips, thoughts, or some kind of guidance in how to handle it. We entered it kind of quick, but we've hit it off so well. I want this great feeling to last for a while. Granted, it is my first relationship, thus it is likely to end, but I want to keep it awesome for as long as I can. What do you all think?See More
14 minutes ago
Josh Allen replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"Are you serious? I use Chrome."
15 minutes ago
Penelope replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"Whatever we call work that doesn't require a degree, I've been musing all afternoon that I'd make a terrible waitress.  I hate interruptions.  I can see how what makes someone a good accountant or engineer - lots of quiet…"
17 minutes ago
John Muir replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"Well, I figure the smarmy nickname fits because you're being an arrogant, condescending, elitist ass"
19 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"I waited tables at a steakhouse for a couple of years in college.  Hated it. I didn't say it was easy. JB"
19 minutes ago
Lucius Artorius Castus replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"For most that I know that last more than a week it's the last one."
23 minutes ago

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