I touched her butt.

Started by Josh Williams in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Jack Bauer 16 minutes ago. 80 Replies

Tattoo Idea's (outdoor/farm theme)

Started by Paul in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Thomas Patrick 36 minutes ago. 12 Replies

Girlfriends lies and temper

Started by East London Gent in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Regular Joe 48 minutes ago. 17 Replies

Have Gun Will Travel?

Started by Man O Mission in Money and Career. Last reply by Bilbo Baggins 50 minutes ago. 20 Replies

6 Month Anniversary

Started by Jack Brenner in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Regular Joe 5 hours ago. 5 Replies


Started by Curtis in Health and Sports. Last reply by Rick Shelton 5 hours ago. 1 Reply

Pickup Lines

Started by Pale Horse in Manly Skills. Last reply by Daniel Rodriguez 9 hours ago. 44 Replies

Interim Bill

Started by Jack Brenner in Relationships and Family. Last reply by John Lee Pettimore 16 hours ago. 56 Replies


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Jack Bauer replied to Josh Williams's discussion I touched her butt.
"Ah.  My mistake.  I was trying to figure how you were going to insult me with that (your usual usage of 'too easy').  I was curious enough to invite the insult just to see how you did it.   JB"
16 minutes ago
John Lee Pettimore replied to Josh Williams's discussion I touched her butt.
"Was just thinking along the lines of "Well, they're stuck in the 7th Century" as a consequence."
27 minutes ago
Thomas Patrick replied to Paul's discussion Tattoo Idea's (outdoor/farm theme)
"You could get a longhorn  would keep the theme I guess"
36 minutes ago
Bilbo Baggins updated their profile
47 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to East London Gent's discussion Girlfriends lies and temper
""East London Gent!  Finally, another one!" "
48 minutes ago
Bilbo Baggins replied to Man O Mission's discussion Have Gun Will Travel?
"I am not a DSS SA, but I passed BEX earlier this year and am going through the process to being put on the register. Although my military experience definitely helped, two internships with DSS helped me gain knowledge and experience towards the…"
50 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Josh Williams's discussion I touched her butt.
"  You seem awfully sure of that.   JB"
56 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Josh Williams's discussion I touched her butt.
""Either way, you'd figure that'd be compounded when inbreeding is extended over dozens of generations." You'd think so but I guess it's not so bad after all; it seems as though it's only in much smaller…"
1 hour ago

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