proactively dealing with anger

Started by Andreias in Manly Skills. Last reply by Bob Brower 7 minutes ago. 61 Replies

Moneys... and what to do with em

Started by Stuart Charles in Money and Career. Last reply by Penelope 16 minutes ago. 15 Replies

Ammo shortage or manufactured crisis?

Started by Tim the Enforcer in A Man's Life. Last reply by Michael Shaw 1 hour ago. 9 Replies

Need Some Relationship Advice

Started by Josh Billings in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Jack Bauer 3 hours ago. 20 Replies


Started by John Muir in Health and Sports. Last reply by Shane 3 hours ago. 12 Replies

Sweetness... in a man

Started by John in Introductions. Last reply by Rick Shelton 5 hours ago. 19 Replies

Can you learn/teach tranquility?

Started by Curtis in Introductions. Last reply by Michael J. K. 13 hours ago. 7 Replies


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Latest Activity

Bob Brower replied to Andreias's discussion proactively dealing with anger
"I did not find it funny. The OP should find another website to find HE/SHE/IT'S help  OP PLEASE BLOCK ME IF YOU WANT I WOULD SEE IT AS AN HONOR !"
7 minutes ago
Penelope replied to Stuart Charles's discussion Moneys... and what to do with em
"With interest rates so low, consider putting a good chunk of that $10k into very safe securities, usually government bonds.  Also, consider whether you need a whole 6-month emergency fund as an Australian.  The…"
16 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to Andreias's discussion proactively dealing with anger
"I was just going to let him go. Serves him right for making such assumptions. What he doesn't realize is 75% of the men here are right wing anyway."
45 minutes ago
Bob Brower replied to John Bravo's discussion I held out sex for love first....Why is it so hard to find a girl who's done the same?
"So you don't value sex that much , that's not all that common anymore . we are not all the same.  So yes you will have trouble finding a girl with those values in the world we live in . so you change your values or you have trouble ,…"
50 minutes ago
Liam Strain replied to John Bravo's discussion I held out sex for love first....Why is it so hard to find a girl who's done the same?
"You need to realize that terms like "promiscuous past," "devalued" and "careless access" are value judgements you are making, and many people do not feel the same way about it.  If those values start from a…"
54 minutes ago
Will replied to Andreias's discussion proactively dealing with anger
"You must not like being suckered.  I found it to be hilarious. This is apparently the 2nd trans member who's posted her story in the past 6 years.  If that frequency is intolerable ... I don't know what to say.  Good luck…"
55 minutes ago
George Husted replied to Andreias's discussion proactively dealing with anger
"I was totally suckered. Learned an important lesson about these forums. Won't be back anytime soon, if ever.  I thought this was a kind of virtual lodge with/for men.  Big mistake.  The LGBT folk just cannot stop pushing their…"
1 hour ago
Michael Shaw replied to Tim the Enforcer's discussion Ammo shortage or manufactured crisis?
"I haven't seen a bulk box of my preferred ammo, the venerable .22 lr, in a very long time.  I'm down to my bare minimum stock and can't shoot anymore without replacing it.  9 is finally coming back but finding my particular…"
1 hour ago

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