What Do We Learn From History?

Started by Vytautas in General Discussion. Last reply by Titus Techera 2 minutes ago. 186 Replies

Whiskey Trouble

Started by Hannah Carroll in General Discussion. Last reply by Leto Atreides II 4 minutes ago. 35 Replies

Is __ Manly?

Started by Pale Horse in Introductions. Last reply by Native Son 5 minutes ago. 8 Replies

Masculinities and social class

Started by Tom Baker in Introductions. Last reply by Leto Atreides II 11 minutes ago. 38 Replies

How To Spot An AoM Noob

Started by Regular Joe in General Discussion. Last reply by Regular Joe 3 hours ago. 15 Replies

Girls in football

Started by Padre in Health and Sports. Last reply by Regular Joe 3 hours ago. 34 Replies

business casual shoes for under $100?

Started by Kneller in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Aubrey J. Riley 9 hours ago. 20 Replies


Started by Steve Cole in Introductions 14 hours ago. 0 Replies

Question Re: Boosting / Jump Starting A Car

Started by Regular Joe in Cars. Last reply by Native Son 21 hours ago. 21 Replies


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Native Son replied to Pale Horse's discussion Is __ Manly?
"Well, AoM does have multiple groups for both of Pale Horse's topics... "
5 minutes ago
Vytautas replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"What in book 1 says anything about the origins of the Greeks or their gods? Simply listing a book is insufficient, for each book is so vast that it really requires specificity. Otherwise it is hard to take your words seriously, no matter how serious…"
7 minutes ago
Rusty Rogers commented on Rusty Rogers's photo


"Dude, Davis, impressive progress! Congrats on your healthy body changes!"
8 minutes ago
Native Son replied to Hannah Carroll's discussion Whiskey Trouble
"I'm a bit bemused by how just about everybody seems to be giving the OP slight variations of the exact same advice."
10 minutes ago
Leto Atreides II replied to Tom Baker's discussion Masculinities and social class
"Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following  symptoms: Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g.,…"
11 minutes ago
Native Son replied to Tom Baker's discussion Masculinities and social class
"Pity.  Military history is rather replete with examples of absolutely incompetent Upper Class British Officers whose chief accomplishments seem to have been getting a lot of other ranks killed. Tennyson even wrote a poem about one of the more…"
14 minutes ago
Brody Pogue Raines joined Stephen Larsen's group

Banya Men!

Though they aren't common in the United States, Jjimjilbangs, Banyas, Onsens, and Hamams are a great places to hang out.  This is a group for men comfortable in their own skin and appreciate the eastern ideas of public bath houses.See More
18 minutes ago
Steve Dallas replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"Your words So we are left with saying that Socrates argument is stupid, your ability to understand Socrates is lacking or that you are unable to coherently put an argument into language understood by anyone other than yourself. Or, you have in…"
21 minutes ago

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