Manly nail polish

Started by Sir in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by David F. 2 minutes ago. 17 Replies

Privilege is invisible to those who have it

Started by Paul MacAlindin in A Man's Life. Last reply by 46 minutes ago. 115 Replies

Paying off Student loans

Started by Dakota Caraway in Money and Career. Last reply by Anders Kanten 3 hours ago. 12 Replies

Walking around the house naked

Started by certified male in A Man's Life. Last reply by Bladesmith_to_Boot 5 hours ago. 57 Replies

Absolutely FRUSTRATED.

Started by O'Neal in Money and Career. Last reply by Native Son 13 hours ago. 37 Replies

Do you share your journal?

Started by Greg S in A Man's Life. Last reply by James! 19 hours ago. 1 Reply

Manly Hand Lotions

Started by Oakland in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Errol R. Alger yesterday. 17 Replies

Everyday Carry.

Started by Specs in A Man's Life. Last reply by Jack Bauer yesterday. 28 Replies

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Latest Activity

David F. replied to Sir's discussion Manly nail polish
"Sand and buff, no polish."
2 minutes ago
David F. replied to David F.'s discussion Maintaining enthusiasm for changes in how you live.
"Shifting the lifestyle & diet is partially making changes that allow for a healthier life, partially to reduce footprint on the earth.  But it is the constant swimming against the current that is hard.  I suppose if I had an…"
3 minutes ago
Dann Anthony commented on Liam Strain's status
"Indeed. I approach most arguments not with the idea of winning, but of giving the other person something to think about, and taking from it something to think about. No single argument ever made me change my vote, but did influence me to learn more.…"
4 minutes ago
Native Son replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"Oh boy, now the Donald is channeling Nixon!  "Silent Majority"  More red meat thrown to the press, at least a plurality of whom hadn't been born when Tricky Dick was in office."
41 minutes ago
Native Son replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"Actually quite funny time to time.  Recently one local town responded to complaints about unsafe driving and bicycling by setting up two cops, one on a motorcycle, one on foot, at one downtown intersection.  The whole day they did nothing…"
46 minutes ago replied to Paul MacAlindin's discussion Privilege is invisible to those who have it
"You're absolutely right, Milo. What I meant is that it seems that for some people to be willing to admit that they have privilege equates with then accepting that they are 1. guilty of racism/sexism/$$ism, 2. society must now pass laws to…"
46 minutes ago
John Muir replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"And now Roan Garcia-Quintana, a Tea Party white supremacist in SC is out cheering for Trump "
50 minutes ago
Greg DP left a comment for Brett McKay
"Hi Brett, Been following your site for a while, decided to join the Community recently. Noticed you also have a section on Careers, and recently did a podcast with John Corcoran about reaching influencers. I am also finishing a guide for people…"
59 minutes ago

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