Fear of abandonment

Started by GK in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Rick Shelton 7 minutes ago. 16 Replies

First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar

Started by Dean Roberts in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Rick Shelton 13 minutes ago. 21 Replies

An Elderly

Started by Fabricante in A Man's Life. Last reply by Penelope 7 hours ago. 5 Replies

Are You Afraid To Die?

Started by Peter O'Reilly in A Man's Life. Last reply by Sam K 7 hours ago. 109 Replies

Shooting Competitions

Started by Ben Pedersen in Manly Skills. Last reply by Ben Pedersen 9 hours ago. 8 Replies

Looking for a place to hang my online hat.

Started by Mike Flynn in Introductions. Last reply by Dean Roberts 16 hours ago. 13 Replies

Knife talk.

Started by Michael Presto in Manly Skills. Last reply by Carl Monster 17 hours ago. 30 Replies

How Your Dress Affects Your Future

Started by Mongoose in General Discussion. Last reply by Gentleman Engineer 18 hours ago. 20 Replies

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Carl Monster replied to Carl Monster's discussion Handling anger/violence directed at you in the group Male Survivors
"Just found this a few months later; guess I should activate notifications. I was raised by a bi-polar mother, so I feel for your sons and your efforts. Looked up your Emotions group; very interesting. As I go through life I see more and more how we…"
2 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to GK's discussion Fear of abandonment
""Do you have any tips for when this does happen?" Yes, see my comment above.  Keep your mind busy and off of thinking of what she's doing, who she's doing it with, and stuff like that."
7 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Dean Roberts's discussion First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar
"A janitor dressed as the CEO probably wouldn't work so well either. A better way I've seen it put is to dress one level above yours."
13 minutes ago
Dietrich Adonis commented on beardsworthy's group Men Who Like Comic Books
"Going to see Deadpool this weekend Did this drawing this morning before work "
45 minutes ago
Dietrich Adonis joined thehuhman's group

Men Over 50

For the slightly older guys. (those who've already received the letter from AARP!) Let's just see how many of us are proud to have made it this far!See More
55 minutes ago
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Manly Artists

This is a group for those of us who ascribe to the artistic crafts. Be that Photography, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, or whatever it may be. Let's discuss what we're making, why we're making it.
56 minutes ago
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Creative Professionals

A group for men in creative professions to share work and advice with one another. Graphic designers, artists, actors, writers and filmmakers welcome!
57 minutes ago
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