The History Channel?

Started by Andrew in General Discussion. Last reply by Steve Dallas 32 minutes ago. 8 Replies


Started by Regular Joe in General Discussion. Last reply by Tim Dienes 53 minutes ago. 17 Replies

Can owning a cat be manly?

Started by M Pumpernickel in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Carl Monster 1 hour ago. 12 Replies

Starting a Landscaping LLC

Started by Andrew in Money and Career. Last reply by Carl Monster 1 hour ago. 6 Replies

Selling baseball cards

Started by Alex Pape in Money and Career. Last reply by Williamssen 1 hour ago. 9 Replies

Teen boys today

Started by David Johns in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Regular Joe 3 hours ago. 58 Replies

Steering wheel vibration a problem?

Started by N Fan in Cars. Last reply by Rick Shelton 3 hours ago. 18 Replies


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Posted by Regular Joe on August 22, 2014

2 Steering wheel vibration a problem?

Steering wheel vibration a problem?

Posted by N Fan on August 5, 2014

3 The History Channel?

The History Channel?

Posted by Andrew on August 22, 2014

4 Starting a Landscaping LLC

Starting a Landscaping LLC

Posted by Andrew on August 22, 2014

5 Teen boys today

Teen boys today

Posted by David Johns on August 20, 2014

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Brian W. Barrett replied to Kevin's discussion Response to intelligent design arguments in the group Gentlemen Atheists
"It's really to bad I haven't put in the time to learn how to draw but I have this comic strip idea: First frame: A human head with eyes only, no mouth or nose, and a torso, no arms or legs. Caption "God Creates Man" Second…"
28 minutes ago
Steve Dallas replied to Andrew's discussion The History Channel?
"How the hell does being a "fan of history" make one have no particular agenda in comparison to a professional historian? Unless of course the agenda is studying and understanding history with credentials to back it up rather than a guy…"
32 minutes ago
Brian W. Barrett joined Leo Doom Occulta's group

Gentlemen Atheists

A Group for Courteous Non-Believers
39 minutes ago
Brian W. Barrett replied to Will's discussion Moral relativism in the group The Great Debate
"JB, are you saying that if there is no other judge than men that you are unsure that there can be an "absolute morality"?"
50 minutes ago
Tim Dienes replied to Regular Joe's discussion THE WORLD'S MANLIEST TEA
53 minutes ago
Carl Monster commented on Carl Monster's photo

Hangin' at the fair

"That's where I am, though I still train for increased strength. Hypertrophy is the gravy. Bent over and frail, yes, must be from all that deadlifting ;)"
55 minutes ago
Carl Monster replied to M Pumpernickel's discussion Can owning a cat be manly?
"ha ha!"
1 hour ago
Carl Monster replied to Andrew's discussion Starting a Landscaping LLC
"Good for you, now is the time in your lives to do brash stuff like that. Educate yourself, as you said, as much as you can. When it comes time to hire, hire good people and pay them well when they perform. Always do your best and keep pushing…"
1 hour ago

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