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Daddy Shaming

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Casual shoes

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The Pets of AoM

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Career advice thread

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To Sell or Keep...

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Matthew R replied to Mike Johnson's discussion Greetings
2 minutes ago
Mike Johnson replied to Mike Johnson's discussion Greetings
"Sorry, did a mistake, its Germany."
6 minutes ago
Mike Johnson updated their profile
7 minutes ago
Mike Johnson replied to Mike Johnson's discussion Greetings
"I love any type of Art that has to do with Films and Games"
9 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Rick Shelton's discussion Daddy Shaming
"You have a marriage problem.  Your wife is intentionally disrespectful.  The question is, is she disrespectful of you because of your situation ... or is she disrespectful generally, and is simply using the situation because the…"
15 minutes ago
Tyler M. replied to Steve Dallas's discussion Casual shoes
"You just lot all my faith in you PH."
18 minutes ago
Salt Dragon replied to Regular Joe's discussion "My Name Is David Chang, and I Hate Fancy Beer"
"Thanks for your honesty.  We all have our personal preferences and I respect yours.  What I learned to appreciate as “cheap local” in Germany is an expensive import in the US, and somehow the Germans are even downing Coronas,…"
32 minutes ago
Vendetta replied to Regular Joe's discussion "My Name Is David Chang, and I Hate Fancy Beer"
"Founders has an awesome oatmeal stout."
35 minutes ago

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