How do we inform more people about ISIS?

Started by Zachary Stucki in General Discussion. Last reply by Liam Strain 3 minutes ago. 17 Replies

Paying off Student loans

Started by Dakota Caraway in Money and Career. Last reply by Regular Joe 1 hour ago. 13 Replies

Fatigue and sleep hours

Started by Nils in A Man's Life. Last reply by Vendetta 1 hour ago. 14 Replies

Finding your Purpose/Passion

Started by Chris O in Money and Career. Last reply by Micah R.M. Jones 10 hours ago. 1 Reply

Privilege is invisible to those who have it

Started by Paul MacAlindin in A Man's Life. Last reply by Milo Morris 12 hours ago. 137 Replies

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Latest Activity

John Muir replied to Zachary Stucki's discussion How do we inform more people about ISIS?
"I haven't heard about this invasion. Was it amphibious?"
19 minutes ago
Seitanist Dan replied to Zachary Stucki's discussion How do we inform more people about ISIS?
"Because, you know, they wouldn't be fleeing the region if it was a stable, happy land, right? ISIS and their ilk are a big part of the refugee crisis, which is neither an 'invasion' nor full of 'islamic extremists'. I…"
21 minutes ago
Nils updated their profile
22 minutes ago
Mongoose commented on James Machamer's group Freemasonry
"Tonight I embark on furthering my Light in the York Right. Growing excited."
26 minutes ago
Nils replied to Zachary Stucki's discussion How do we inform more people about ISIS?
"I think the invasion of islamic extremists immigrants in Europe is far a bigger problem than ISIS."
31 minutes ago
Vendetta replied to Zachary Stucki's discussion How do we inform more people about ISIS?
"At this point, if you don't know about ISIS or do not think they are a threat, you are actively avoiding the topic or are just delusional.  "
44 minutes ago
Seitanist Dan replied to Zachary Stucki's discussion How do we inform more people about ISIS?
"The first point is credible. However, the second is a bit more arguable. We've seen dynasties in Africa, America, and the Middle East fall after a tedious, conflict ridden rule. I think Syria's democratic revolution isn't over, even…"
1 hour ago
Regular Joe replied to's discussion Do Different Languages Make You Think and Feel Differently? in the group Philology: A Group for Verbivores
""RJ, When you're talking to another French Canadian, have you noticed when you tend to switch into English and when you switch back in to French?  Is it the topic? The mood? Some other factor?" It depends. There are some…"
1 hour ago

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