Long hair gents...

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Is it manly to own a cat?

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Freezer/Microwave Meals

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Martial arts questions

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Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations Careers

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Electromagnetic Propulsion Engines

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Cooking for one

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manInTheMaking replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"I just threw up in my mouth. Come on people!"
7 minutes ago
Joshua added a discussion to the group The Great Debate

Democratic presidential nomination

I was just wondering if I could get a conversation going about who you think should get the democratic nomination for president?  I personally hope it will be Bernie Sanders.See More
17 minutes ago added a discussion to the group Naturopathic Healing

Trading Massages With Other Men

I'm a trained licensed massage therapist and when I want to receive a massage, I'd rather trade with another professional or skilled amateur than pay for it.  Because I trained in Miami, I had connections with other therapists there and had some great regular trading partners.   Now I live in DC and I haven't found what I'm looking for.  The men I've traded with were either unskilled or had a different intention than I did.  To get your massage needs met, do you trade or pay for it?  If you do…See More
27 minutes ago
Shane replied to Sir's discussion Grilling -- how guilty should I feel?
"There are much bigger equality issues to work on than who does the grilling. No, there aren't.  This is literally what winning looks like.  Maslow is a motherfucker."
45 minutes ago
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Come in and unwind...
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Essential Manliness

Discussing, and perhaps discovering, what really lies at the heart of what it is to be a man.
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Sir replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
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How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

A couple centuries ago, pickpocketing was the scourge of cities around the world. From Dickens’ London to New York City’s famous Five Points, skilled thieves practiced their craft, filching the valuables of passersby without the victim noticing a thing. In fact, that’s how pockets in clothing got their start: Prior to the 17th century, men […]

How to Hang a Picture

If you’re trying to make a good first impression with your place, know that nothing says sterile and boring like blank walls. A few pieces of manly art or virile photos hung and displayed tastefully will liven things up and give you a chance to show some of that stellar personality of yours. And even if you don’t much […]

The 3 Families Every Young Man Needs to Grow Up Well

Humans are social beings. For most of history, we lived together in small tribes made up of extended families. Within the tribe, a boy had parents, relatives, and elders of all kinds who shepherded him into adulthood. Through rites of passage, he learned what his community expected from him as a man, and he gradually […]

Manvotional: The Supreme Charity of the World

“The Supreme Charity of the World” From The Kingship of Self-Control, 1901 By William George Jordan True charity is not typified by an almsbox. The benevolence of a check book does not meet all the wants of humanity. Giving food, clothing and money to the poor is only the beginning, the kindergarten class, of real charity. […]

The Always/Sometimes/Never Sunglass Matrix

Sunglasses. They’re a small accessory that evoke a bunch of questions as to how and when you should wear them, and how you should stash ’em. To answer these burning questions of sunglass style and etiquette, we created this boss illustrated matrix. Enjoy. Illustrated by Ted Slampyak

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