How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?

Started by Xenias Latin in A Man's Life. Last reply by Liam Strain 1 minute ago. 7 Replies

Paranoia and the virtue of hospitality?

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Learn how to cook

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To Sell or Keep...

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Privilege is invisible to those who have it

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Learn a new language for free!

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Xenias Latin replied to Xenias Latin's discussion How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?
"I guess there are several reasons why the insults get to me. First, I am a very kind person and people have respected me for that so I am not overly use to be insulting in public. The insults are often aimed as who I think I am as a person- a rule…"
3 minutes ago
Jay D replied to Xenias Latin's discussion How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?
"Are you comparing getting molested by a squirrel every day on the way to work with having a coworker throwing insults at you everyday? This is something that just doesnt have to stand in a normal work enviroment. If someone of your staff comes to…"
8 minutes ago
Xenias Latin replied to Xenias Latin's discussion How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?
"HaHaHa, the squirrel visualization is hilarious. I have already had first a heart to heart and then the telling of enough. Still doesn't stop and I don't feel confident in my own social prowess to insult my coworker back. Yes, the insults…"
13 minutes ago
Jay D replied to Mongoose's discussion As Said, Society Needs to Figure This Out in the group The Great Debate
"Sounds a bit like a "stick up my ass" issue. Who gives a fuck about demonstrating teenangers in one school? Half of the people demonstrating there are dudes who thought "Hey Bro, lets go demonstrate about that…"
19 minutes ago
Liam Strain replied to Xenias Latin's discussion How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?
"You've already explained a lot of reasons why you shouldn't take it personally. Do you honestly care what this person thinks about you? Obviously I don't know the nature of the insults, but are they actually hurtful? or is it more the…"
25 minutes ago
Jay D replied to Xenias Latin's discussion How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?
"Gonna go with this. Not taking it personally doesnt seem like the best solution when it is personal."
29 minutes ago
Specs replied to Xenias Latin's discussion How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?
"Two options come to mind.... Option 1, is when your manager threatens you with HR simply say fantastic let's go to HR and then you can explain to your HR and people above your manager why this nonsense is happening at work and why your manager…"
35 minutes ago
Xenias Latin posted a discussion

How to handle insults? How to become unoffendable?

Dear Gentleman,I work in a small work environment and have a coworker who loves to insult me. This coworker thinks that they are cool and honestly I believe these insults come from this person's personal brokeness and the fact that I am objectively more successful. I am not trying to be arrogant. I am older, more educated, live on my own, own a car, and have more varied life experiences. These things separate me life experience wise from my younger coworkers who are less educated and dependent…See More
50 minutes ago

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