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Abu posted a discussion

Being A Man: London Southbank Weekend in November

Hello Chaps,Thought find out in case anyone else is planning to attend the weekend of talks/programs about manliness in London's Southbank (U.K.) on the weekend of 27th, 28th, 29th of November. There is a range of conversations/readings/discussions on the topics related to Manliness over the course of three days (link below) which sounds informative and interesting:…See More
1 minute ago
Adam Porter replied to kb123's discussion The Manliest thing about George Washington: Persuasion Skills
"I'm confused.  I don't see any links in the OP to any web sites.  Am I missing something?"
1 minute ago
Regular Joe replied to Regular Joe's discussion Oregon Wouldn't Let Me Pump My Own Gas
""Had poutine for the first time this summer (at the Canada pavillion in Disney World).  It was great. " *skeptical look* I'm very curious to know who made it and how they made it. Generally speaking, poutine by anglos is okay…"
2 minutes ago
Seitanist Dan replied to Regular Joe's discussion Learn a new language for free!
"Aww yes"
4 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to's discussion The Pets of AoM
"Same here. Pitbulls and "pitbull-type dogs" (vague enough for you?) are banned in my entire province.  It seems there's some flexibility in the application of the law though because a few friends and acquaintances who work on my…"
11 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Regular Joe's discussion Learn a new language for free!
13 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Regular Joe's discussion "My Name Is David Chang, and I Hate Fancy Beer"
"The big hubbub up here about craft/micro VS selling out is that Labatt recently announced that they've bought Mill Street, a well-known craft/micro brewery from…"
14 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Regular Joe's discussion "My Name Is David Chang, and I Hate Fancy Beer"
"Maybe I'm bi-polar. Here's what the (long) weekend (Canadians Thanksgiving) looked like:  Friday: Saturday:  Sunday:  Monday: (I don't usually drink this much. It just happened to be a celebratory weekend…"
19 minutes ago

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The Lost Art of Cheap Recreation

Last month some friends of ours invited us to be on their team for a non-stop overnight running relay race. Each member of the team would be charged with running several legs of the 200-mile course, which wound its way through a bunch of scenic state parks. The 10-person crew would be split into two […]

Podcast #145: The Happiness Industry: How the Government and Big Business Sold Us Well-Being

In the past ten years, there’s been an increasing emphasis on happiness in our culture. You can find countless books, blogs, and podcasts on how to have a happier life. What’s interesting is that even corporations and governments have gotten in on the game and are spending lots of time and money figuring out how […]

How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot: An Illustrated Guide

You’re about to go into a big business meeting; your suit is perfectly fitted, your shoes are shined, your shirt is pressed. Which necktie knot do you go with? It has to make an impression, but not be flashy. It needs to convey power, confidence, and authority. The choice is simple: the full Windsor (also […]

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: October 9, 2015

The winner of the last Huckberry giveaway, two weeks ago, was Rob B. from Calgary, Canada. He chose a hiking pack from Boreas Gear. My Picks This Week Since 1865, Faribault Woolen Mills has been making high-quality blankets for civilians and soldiers alike. For their 150th fall collection(!), they’ve come out with a set of seriously […]

The Complete Guide to Being a Groom

Relatively speaking, grooms have it easy. It’s not our family that is traditionally responsible for budgeting or planning the wedding. And it’s the bride who’s usually much more interested and invested in how the whole shindig turns out. As the old cliché has it, the groom’s only responsibility is to show up on time. While […]

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