Trying to breakout of my 'Mental Prison'

Started by Chatmonkey in A Man's Life. Last reply by Rick Shelton 3 minutes ago. 17 Replies

Manly figures of the modern culture

Started by Belmin Bratic in General Discussion. Last reply by Pale Horse 22 minutes ago. 42 Replies

30 Days to a better man!

Started by Vedant Dev Sharma in A Man's Life. Last reply by Cory Ross 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

Has anyone struggled with depression beforeIt

Started by Rob Gronkowski in A Man's Life. Last reply by James Sullivan 2 hours ago. 14 Replies

New to AOM

Started by Cory Ross in Introductions. Last reply by John L 3 hours ago. 11 Replies

Dead inspiration?

Started by Jon Nic in A Man's Life. Last reply by Jon Nic 10 hours ago. 33 Replies

Must Read Books

Started by Ishan Jain in A Man's Life. Last reply by Leonard 11 hours ago. 47 Replies

Misleading Headlines

Started by Matt T in Introductions. Last reply by Rusty Rogers 13 hours ago. 3 Replies


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Latest Activity

Rick Shelton replied to Chatmonkey's discussion Trying to breakout of my 'Mental Prison'
20 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to Belmin Bratic's discussion Manly figures of the modern culture
"There's a man on Youtube called Wranglerstar. His channel deals with modern homesteading, so there's plenty of woodworking, metalworking, leather craft and other things made by his hands. He also does Bible studies. Pretty cool dude."
22 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Chatmonkey's discussion Trying to breakout of my 'Mental Prison'
"THIS! THIS! THIS! THIS! Damn it boy think! Cocaine will KILL you either quickly or slowly but you'll end up dead either way."
22 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Chatmonkey's discussion Trying to breakout of my 'Mental Prison'
"I can't voice what I think about your choice(s) without pissing you off considerable.  Usually I'd just say it's your life but damn your thought process is just stupid.  If you want to rebel against your parents why not just…"
24 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Belmin Bratic's discussion Manly figures of the modern culture
"Eh.  Celebrities.  It's hard to get all that riled up about actors and singers.  Nick Offerman was mentioned.  I like Offerman a lot.  Funny guy.  Stereotypically masculine.  Builds things in his spare…"
36 minutes ago
Cory Ross posted a discussion

Audio Renaisance: The Art of Manly Music

Greetings Fellow Manly Men,Long before I began my journey as a husband and father, one of the great influences of my life was music. While my borderline obsessive interest in the subject has wained somewhat, I remain interested in the perspectives of others as it relates to music, and how it has influenced your life. Some people claim to simply enjoy all music, with specific songs that come to mind, while others (like myself) can spend hours discussing the discography of one particular band,…See More
49 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Steve Dallas's discussion First God.... in the group The Great Debate
"They are a blessing to God and anyone with the privilege to know them.  And, they thank God for that.  On Facebook.  Three times a week. JB"
1 hour ago
Cory Ross replied to Vedant Dev Sharma's discussion 30 Days to a better man!
"Vedant, Wow!!!! Your 15? You, sir, are so far ahead of the curve it's almost not even fair to your peers! The fact that you displayed the dedication and focus to complete this challenge is a testament to your strength of character, and I can…"
1 hour ago

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