Colleague out of line?

Started by Jack Brenner in Money and Career. Last reply by Rick Shelton 8 minutes ago. 1 Reply

Finding a Taylor

Started by Harry Mcgrath in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Liam S. 43 minutes ago. 5 Replies

Take New Job?

Started by Shawn in Money and Career. Last reply by Vytautas 11 hours ago. 2 Replies

What Do You Do That Makes You Feel Like A Man?

Started by Bofur the dwarf in General Discussion. Last reply by Dan Sharman 15 hours ago. 82 Replies

For anyone Interested in a Side Hustle.

Started by Christopher Chillingworth in Money and Career. Last reply by terry sperling 17 hours ago. 9 Replies

Tie Pins and Tie Tacks

Started by Carl Malo Schneider in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Rick Shelton 18 hours ago. 11 Replies

Thinking of removing the long hair. Suggestions?

Started by Rodney Allen Thornton in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Rick Shelton 19 hours ago. 6 Replies


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Carl Monster replied to Allen Winston Cook's discussion Tire around the Waist.. in the group Exercise
"Something not mentioned yet is, ironically, getting bigger. More muscle mass=more calories burned to support it, even without doing a thing. Shane hinted at it in his bulking during the holidays/cutting in summer. I do no cardio whatsoever, and…"
2 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Jack Brenner's discussion Colleague out of line?
"Get used to it, you'll find people like this throughout your working life and even in your personal life.  He's trying to get a promotion, which may backfire if he is actually claiming to be a manager.  You could talk to your…"
8 minutes ago
Jack Brenner posted a discussion

Colleague out of line?

Hi guys, I'm new here and so I hope this is being posted in the right place! I wanted to get your opinions on an issue I've been having at work for some time now.I'm a university student at the moment so I only have a part-time job as a sales assistant at a clothes store. I work weekends with five others who are all students too/about my age. Recently I've noticed that one of the other guys (a nice guy I should point out) has started acting a little above his station. He's a humble sales…See More
18 minutes ago
Ricky replied to Gary J's discussion Shave or Manscape to please a partner? in the group Hairy Men
"Keep in mind I am of the opinion that a man without at least a hairy chest might as well have a Virginia - personal preference - I wouldn't ask that of someone after only dating 3 months - date for a good while longer and if you haven't…"
29 minutes ago
Liam S. replied to Harry Mcgrath's discussion Finding a Taylor
"If you are only looking for minor alterations, check at Dry Cleaners (or many department stores either provide, or recommend people).  If you are looking to actually have clothing and suits made from scratch (bespoke) or made to measure then…"
43 minutes ago
John Lee Pettimore replied to John Muir's discussion A Time To Kill in the group The Great Debate
"This should be good."
44 minutes ago
MarutiaOrtia replied to MarutiaOrtia's discussion Weapons of war – how to prevent surprise attacks?
"New Interface Screen for Faction Selection This is the Interface screen for Faction selection. The Interface screen where to select your playable county. Which one you will choose:  the House of Green or the House of Orange.Share your choice on…"
46 minutes ago
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