Profanity and Vulgarity

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LIGO detects gravitational waves!

Started by Rick Shelton in General Discussion. Last reply by Liam Strain 38 minutes ago. 4 Replies

First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar

Started by Dean Roberts in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Chuck Knight 39 minutes ago. 23 Replies

Are You Afraid To Die?

Started by Peter O'Reilly in A Man's Life. Last reply by Kenneth 1 hour ago. 110 Replies

Also late to the party

Started by GK in Introductions. Last reply by Seitanist Dan 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

Looking for a place to hang my online hat.

Started by Mike Flynn in Introductions. Last reply by Mike Flynn 2 hours ago. 14 Replies

An Elderly

Started by Fabricante in A Man's Life. Last reply by Ben Pedersen 5 hours ago. 9 Replies

Shooting Competitions

Started by Ben Pedersen in Manly Skills. Last reply by Ben Pedersen 16 hours ago. 8 Replies

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Latest Activity

Steve Dallas replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"Oh, do not confuse my question as any attempt on my part to placate your belief that cussing less will in some way increase your belief in me or my intelligence. I am simply trying to see if there is any coherency in your statement that starts out…"
7 minutes ago
Mike Flynn replied to Eric Y.'s discussion Book recommendations in the group Freemasonry
"Hmmm I have yet to hear about them. What are they about? Any one here read up on Duncan's Rituals? I have always heard its fun to own. "
18 minutes ago
Steve Dallas replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"Is there a line to where you can cuss when angry and not be considered as the proverbial teamster/sailor of cussing?"
36 minutes ago
Liam Strain replied to Rick Shelton's discussion LIGO detects gravitational waves!
"Really amazing stuff. "
38 minutes ago
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar
"Crawling your profile, it appears that you are a Marine. Since service in the USMC is voluntary and they, literally, take in men who are naturally dominant and train them to be in charge of situations, your approach to this situation confuses…"
39 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"Sometimes it reveals a lack of intelligence or vocabulary.  Other times, it reveals the ability to choose precisely the right word for the occasion.  When deployed way too often, I tend to think the former ... a crutch for a small…"
50 minutes ago
Eric Y. replied to Eric Y.'s discussion Book recommendations in the group Freemasonry
"Thanks for the recommendations. It's been a while since I posted this, so I would like to add some of my own. Observing the Craft - Andrew Hammer & The Initiatic Experience - Robert Herd Both really great."
59 minutes ago
Ben Pedersen replied to Buffalo Bill's discussion Show Your EDC, Gentlemen in the group Everyday Carry
"I always have my Leatherman Wingman, moleskine notebook, pilot G-2 pen (or sharpie or pilot varsity), wallet, phone, handkerchief, and keys. As of now I haven't been able to justify buying a larger defense knife which I would like to get or…"
1 hour ago

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