Socks with Brown Shoes

Started by Caleb in Dressing and Grooming. Last reply by Rick Shelton 25 minutes ago. 6 Replies

Paranoia and the virtue of hospitality?

Started by Karl Helweg in General Discussion. Last reply by Rick Shelton 27 minutes ago. 5 Replies

National Parks

Started by Michael in General Discussion 1 hour ago. 0 Replies

Vegetarian for a Month

Started by Stuart Charles in Health and Sports. Last reply by Elliott George 2 hours ago. 3 Replies

Tips For My Lawn?

Started by Regular Joe in General Discussion. Last reply by Tom H 2 hours ago. 21 Replies

What are you guys reading now?

Started by Harrison Brace in General Discussion. Last reply by Vytautas 4 hours ago. 39 Replies

Thoughts about the M6 Scout?

Started by Harrison Brace in General Discussion. Last reply by Native Son 5 hours ago. 9 Replies


Started by Steve C in A Man's Life. Last reply by Dave P 12 hours ago. 127 Replies


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Jack Bauer replied to Josh Allen's discussion If you can tell me what religion you are then you are in a prison.
"That's quite an interesting use of Heisenberg. JB"
9 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Caleb's discussion Socks with Brown Shoes
"If they are hiking style casuals (as in the picture above) then OK, otherwise I agree."
25 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Karl Helweg's discussion Paranoia and the virtue of hospitality?
"When did people get this way?  When other people started killing people.  It is very hard for a woman to trust men when there is a non-zero chance any particular person could be a rapist or murderer.  There is a good reason to be…"
27 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Josh Allen's discussion If you can tell me what religion you are then you are in a prison.
"Quantum physics.  One knows the starting point for a particle and the end point of the particle but cannot state with any certainty the path the particle took."
33 minutes ago
Jon joined Michael J. Austin's group


For the love of the game and the peace that comes with it.
49 minutes ago
Michael posted a discussion

National Parks

It may be that everyone who plans to travel this summer had already made their plans but if you have not, I'd like to encourage you to become a patron of our great national park system. The National Park Service is one of the few government agencies that I think really delivers value for the money spent (and should be given more money, IMHO), and they preserve and protect a rich, varies, and precious heritage of natural treasures.I've traveled them for several years, and have yet to visit one…See More
1 hour ago
John Muir replied to Jack Bauer's discussion Nevada Ranch War ... in the group The Great Debate
"Are you aware of any of the cases in the last year or two where tactical teams have terrorized people for insane reasons? I've seen a few stories on the news. But it's dangerous to think the stories in the news reflect public…"
1 hour ago
Jack Bauer replied to Karl Helweg's discussion Paranoia and the virtue of hospitality?
"I don't know that "couch-surfing" has ever been normal enough to call any backlash against it "paranoia".   I seriously doubt I'd invite a complete stranger to sleep in my house.  And, I doubt I'd…"
1 hour ago

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