hey guys

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Hunting Big Game if you Could?

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Happy zombie Jesus day!

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Happy Easter!

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You're in the Band!

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Latest Activity

Walter B. Pewen posted a status
"That's right boys... Lots of us like to suck cock. And dig ditches. And join the military. How much time do we all have?"
8 minutes ago
John Muir commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"Will - I am as well. It seems to me though that it's inconsistent to oppose federal intrusion into health care, while at the same time favoring what in the simplest terms is the Feds threatening to take away a couple's children if they…"
9 minutes ago
Will replied to Brad Williams's discussion Can Men and Women be Just Friends
"I'm friends with my sister, my cousins, my aunt, my wife's friends.  It's obviously possible.  Not to say I seek out female nonrelatives as friends."
17 minutes ago
Michael B. commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"As someone who is completely unsympathetic to historical revisionist ant-federalist confederates... and as someone who 1) has had private insurance since the age of 18, and 2) is directly involved in healthcare including; VA, Medicare, Medicaid,…"
20 minutes ago
Will commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"John:  in the sense that I think you mean, yes.  "
22 minutes ago
Walter B. Pewen posted a status
"From my perspective Lucius, problem is there is "magic of marketplace." It's keepin people on the dole instead of being productive."
27 minutes ago
Lucius Artorius Castus commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"William.... why is it my problem that someone is a minimum wage earner for life? Like I said... want a better plan... pay for it. Can't afford it? Don't ask me to give it to you, find a way to make more money. Native son, JB and Will all…"
36 minutes ago
Michael B. replied to Jack Bauer's discussion Nevada Ranch War ... in the group The Great Debate
"So, a scofflaw faces the consequences and the Randians get tortured by testicular tortion? Fantastic.    "
37 minutes ago

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