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The most masculine attribute?

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Another Unemployed College Grad

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The Quest For A Record Label

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'The Odd Couple' 2015

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What makes you happy?

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Rated M for Manly

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Office Decorating

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Eric Benton updated their profile
52 minutes ago
Chip replied to Specs's discussion Vintage.
"I love old fountain pens and always wonder who once owned them and what they wrote. I also love old typewriters, phonographs, radios, and if I had the money, I'd probably buy a model-T or some other old car."
1 hour ago
Old School replied to Jay's discussion Manly Things (no duplicates, please)
"As I got older I started growing hair on my ears, enough to where my grand kids said I had "wolf ears."  I don't believe that happens to many women, so trimming wild ear hair is my entry (didn't see a previous entry on this,…"
1 hour ago
Old School replied to Ben B.'s discussion The most masculine attribute?
"Standing? I stood at attention a lot when I was in the Army.  Must be what made a man out of me!"
1 hour ago
Joshua Fortner posted photos
2 hours ago
Sir replied to Specs's discussion Vintage.
"My wife has a vintage husband..."
2 hours ago
Specs replied to Specs's discussion Vintage.
"I understand.  I love Gretsche guitars, and old Fender guitars."
3 hours ago
Max (⌐■_■) replied to Specs's discussion Vintage.
"It's kind of hard to look at guitars as Vintage as the same way as cars or something like that, because most of the designs have stuck around. But BC Rich mockingbirds for me, they look kind of new and crazy but they've actually been…"
3 hours ago

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