Losing out in a competition

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30s are the "middle age"

Started by Samson Collins in Introductions. Last reply by Roughshod 7 hours ago. 11 Replies

What is success?

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Muse bio-feedback meditation headband

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Hello from Canada!

Started by Mike Rissanen in Introductions. Last reply by Mike Rissanen 17 hours ago. 6 Replies

Hello from KY!

Started by Nick Thomas in Introductions. Last reply by dean roger weber yesterday. 3 Replies

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Shane replied to Sir's discussion US Presidential primaries in the group The Great Debate
"If Twitter is any indication they're writing in Cruz and voting party line Republican down ticket."
2 hours ago
Kevin Morris posted a photo
5 hours ago
Kevin Morris replied to Andrew's discussion How far to go before marriage? in the group Christian Men
"My wife and I waited until we were married to have any kind of sex. We were both 25 and were virgins.  I am so glad, with God's help, we waited.  I talked to my adult daughters when they were in 5th grade about sex and wanted them to…"
5 hours ago
Steve Valline commented on AdamInTrans's blog post Traction
"Nice!! I'm going to give this a try too."
5 hours ago
Justin replied to Red Garland's discussion Losing out in a competition
"You can't live life in the past. This is a hidden blessing like someone mentioned.. you were freed from a shallow relationship going south and you got rid of a shitty friend. Dont think about it like losing a competition, because you were there…"
7 hours ago
Justin replied to Christopher Chmiel's discussion Misery.
"Sometimes all you need is a good rant. Like others said, stop wallowing and look forward.  If youre having doubts about your major, fuck it. change your major. its your life so do what you want. When life pushes you around, push back harder…"
7 hours ago
Roughshod replied to Samson Collins's discussion 30s are the "middle age"
"When I look in the mirror nowadays I often see my deceased father's face looking back at me. My eyes especially are exactly like his were. It's startling at times. My mother often commented on that, and she was right. It can be a strange…"
7 hours ago
Justin replied to Christopher Chmiel's discussion Misery.
"bah! looks like I need to change my name."
7 hours ago

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