Not enlightened enough...

Started by Max Z in Relationships and Family. Last reply by george morgan 29 minutes ago. 2 Replies

Addressing Bad Hygiene?

Started by O'Neal in Relationships and Family. Last reply by Kenneth Cole 6 hours ago. 15 Replies

Lost In Translation

Started by John Muir in General Discussion. Last reply by David R. 7 hours ago. 21 Replies

Bird Sounds: Amazing to Mundane

Started by Mongoose in General Discussion. Last reply by Tyler M. 7 hours ago. 2 Replies

Finishing a Basement: Build Up or Dig Down?

Started by Mike Verbickas in Manly Skills. Last reply by Mike Verbickas yesterday. 6 Replies

Upward Mobility

Started by Mike Verbickas in Money and Career. Last reply by Mike Verbickas yesterday. 16 Replies

How to Become Godlike

Started by Chu Kim in A Man's Life. Last reply by Justin on Thursday. 38 Replies

Suffering Fools and Idiots

Started by certified male in A Man's Life. Last reply by M. on Thursday. 20 Replies


Started by James Alger in Introductions. Last reply by John Landes on Thursday. 4 Replies

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Latest Activity

george morgan replied to Max Z's discussion Not enlightened enough...
"If you don't know what someone is talking about, say "Tell me more, I am interested in what you know about that!".....everyone likes to talk and they will be flattered you asked them to fill you works every time!"
29 minutes ago
Shane commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"If it was a threat the planes would have been armed. They were just saying "hello"."
41 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to Max Z's discussion Not enlightened enough...
"Try Youtube if you hate reading."
42 minutes ago
Kenneth Cole replied to O'Neal's discussion Addressing Bad Hygiene?
"Hey man , I know what you're experiencing! Is your girlfriend European? They don't see the need for showering or using soap in certain areas. Every woman that I have been with from a European country smells like dead fish. Also some…"
6 hours ago
David R. replied to John Muir's discussion Lost In Translation
"Actually, there is "correct Spanish" or "clean Spanish. That language (in all its national variations) is governed by the Royal Spanish Academy in Spain, connected with the twenty-one Spanish-speaking countries through the Association…"
7 hours ago
Tyler M. replied to Mongoose's discussion Bird Sounds: Amazing to Mundane
"I wouldn't quite categorize this as bird "sounds", though they do make a few interesting noises too.  The Manakin Bird (Or as it has become famous on the internet, the Michael Jackson Bird) "
7 hours ago
certified male replied to Mongoose's discussion Bird Sounds: Amazing to Mundane
"Wow!  Amazing  Thanks."
8 hours ago
Neil A replied to Joshua's discussion My "I'm going to lose weight" thread
"Hey Joshua Its been a few weeks since you have posted. I was just wondering how things are going? You are doing so amazingly well. Keep at it my friend. It will be so worth it. As someone who has recently been on a similar journey, i was pleased to…"
9 hours ago

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