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Pale Horse replied to Pale Horse's discussion The Nature of Life and Conception in the group The Great Debate
15 minutes ago
Mac MccCurdy updated their profile
36 minutes ago
Mongoose replied to Leonardo McGrabe's discussion Swimwear in the US
"There WAS that overweight, hairy-backed, old man who would wear nothing but a speedo all throughout Tallahassee so often that the newspaper actually would make references to him. It was nasty as all comprehension could produce."
57 minutes ago
jazzgirl205 replied to J.S. Price's discussion Are there any remaining places exclusively for men?
"I believe I do need a man.  I like the way they think and I like how they communicate.  I would feel very lonely if there were no men in my life.  That said, there are times that being with just women is preferable.  I can…"
58 minutes ago
Vendetta replied to Leonardo McGrabe's discussion Swimwear in the US
1 hour ago
Profile IconJohn Cooper, Mike, Mac MccCurdy and 10 more joined Art of Manliness
1 hour ago
Drew replied to Persona non Grata's discussion How many marriages and LTRs in this day and age are alive vs dead?
"Interesting discussion. I feel that although I've been in a relationship for 4 and a half years (and gotten engaged earlier this year), I'm still learning how relationships work etc. I definitely think there are couples where the love…"
4 hours ago
Shannon N. Clark replied to J.S. Price's discussion Are there any remaining places exclusively for men?
"I don't need a man ever, but that doesn't mean that I feel the need to have a place without them. At college when all of us girls have sleepovers or watch movies together a man is there at least for part of it almost every time if not the…"
5 hours ago

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