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  • The Great Debate

    2005 members Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

    "Iron sharpens iron." A place for men to impact each other by debate and exchange of ideas. This is a group where no ideas are off limits. If your…

  • Buck Naked

    156 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    A private and supportive group, open to men who enjoy spending time, when possible, in the nude.  Approval to join is necessary.  This group is…

  • Sons of the C.S.A.

    9 members Latest Activity: 18 hours ago

    Not white supremacists,Neo-Nazis, or Klan members. Just men who are proud of their Confederate Heritage. A place to discuss various aspects of…

  • Men with Beards

    528 members Latest Activity: on Saturday For men with beards to show and share the great life of having a beard. Can there be anything more manly than a beard?

  • Christian Men

    1416 members Latest Activity: 56 minutes ago Regardless of the specifics, we can all agree on one thing. Jesus Christ was the perfect Man who died and rose again for us such that we could have…

  • The Raised Eyebrow Club

    4 members Latest Activity: Aug 6, 2011

  • Sex

    423 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    A place where men can come together and discuss topics of sex and sexuality in a mature manner.

  • The Barbershop

    195 members Latest Activity: Aug 26

    It's just seems natural that Art of Manliness should have a barbershop group.  My intent of this group is to gather and share general thoughts and…

  • Men Supporting Men

    94 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    Men are all different, but we also have things in common.  We can acknowledge our differences, but we can also celebrate them.  And we can support…

  • The Shirtless Man

    143 members Latest Activity: on Friday Shirtlessness is the essence of manliness.


    266 members Latest Activity: 23 hours ago

    It makes us strong, puts hair on our chests, and makes us what we are: testosterone. This is the group for discussing all things…

  • Book of the Month

    321 members Latest Activity: on Saturday Each month, a book will be selected by the members to be read and discussed. The image for the group will be updated with the cover of the current…

  • The Swords and Shields Club

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 10, 2012 Hello have you ever thought knights were awsome and that given the chance you would be one? Are you looking for a group thats about brotherhood but…

  • History Buffs

    450 members Latest Activity: on Saturday A place for history buffs to discuss historical issues and expand the knowledge of our past. Whether your into US history, European history, African…

  • Airships

    6 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    For all airship aviation enthusiasts, remembering the golden age when blimps and dirigibles ruled the skies.  

  • Cards and Boardgames

    5 members Latest Activity: Jul 16

    Discussions regarding different Card and Boardgames.

  • Personal Finance

    187 members Latest Activity: on Friday This group is the place to be if you have questions or advice on anything related to getting out of debt, investing, saving money, or creating a…

  • Left Handers

    141 members Latest Activity: Aug 15 You're already the unique 10% of the population! Join up and tell us about it!

Latest Activity

Nathanael replied to Alex Pape's discussion Moving forward with dating
"Yep.  If she likes him, it shouldn't matter much how or exactly when he asks her to be exclusive.  If she's souring on him, ditto.  I probably sounded like a babbling idiot at times with my wife.  Didn't…"
9 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Alex Pape's discussion Moving forward with dating
"Get out of your head and quit overthinking things. JB"
29 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Alex Pape's discussion Moving forward with dating
"  Is that a euphemism or something?  Or literal secrets? Its been a week, chief.  Slow it up.  Go on a few dates.  Relax.  Have a good time.  Give it a few weeks -- three or four dates, maybe -- and then, if…"
29 minutes ago
Penelope replied to Alex Pape's discussion Moving forward with dating
"On anxiety, develop other interests and activities, so this woman isn't your entire life outside of work.  Then, hopefully, an excessive amount of your self-image won't be wrapped up in her."
31 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to Andreias's discussion proactively dealing with anger
"Clark Gable knows that feel... "
33 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to John Bravo's discussion I held out sex for love first....Why is it so hard to find a girl who's done the same?
"Yeah, that's pretty much how I saw it.  He wrote the rules fairly conveniently around his behavior ... and then is pretty harshly judgmental of people who didn't abide by his rather arbitrary line-in-the-sand. At least if…"
43 minutes ago
Alex Pape replied to Alex Pape's discussion Moving forward with dating
"Also, how do I keep some of my anxiety in check?"
50 minutes ago
Alex Pape posted a discussion

Moving forward with dating

Good afternoon gents,I've met this girl and we've been dating for a week. So far, we seem to like each other; we work in the same career field and share many similar interests. Our first date did get very intimate, and we've done so a couple of times since. In fact, the other night, we shared each other's secrets.Now, the girlfriend label has not yet been established. I would like it to. We had a date last night where one of her friends tagged along, as did one of mine. Our intimacy on the date…See More
52 minutes ago

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