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  • The Great Debate

    2137 members Latest Activity: 4 hours ago

    "Iron sharpens iron." A place for men to impact each other by debate and exchange of ideas. This is a group where no ideas are off limits. If your…

  • Sex

    465 members Latest Activity: 18 hours ago

    A place where men can come together and discuss topics of sex and sexuality in a mature manner.

  • Christian Men

    1532 members Latest Activity: 22 hours ago Regardless of the specifics, we can all agree on one thing. Jesus Christ was the perfect Man who died and rose again for us such that we could have…

  • Stop me if you've heard this one

    29 members Latest Activity: Jun 11

    A place where we can post really good jokes for no other reason than to share some humor among the brothers on this site.  Come in.  Read.  Post. …

  • Out to Build Bridges

    56 members Latest Activity: Jun 24

    This is a LGBTQ+ group.  All men are encouraged to join, including straight men.

    However, unlike the already established AoM…


    287 members Latest Activity: 3 hours ago

    It makes us strong, puts hair on our chests, and makes us what we are: testosterone. This is the group for discussing all things…

  • Pushup fans

    22 members Latest Activity: Jun 14

    Pushups(or pressups) are one of the most manly exercises you can do. Look here for advice, tips, endless variations and so on.

  • Pianists

    14 members Latest Activity: Feb 13 A group for pianists who play any genre- Classical, Baroque, Pop, Jazz, Blues to share disscussions on their playing, technique, and pianos.

  • Gay and Bisexual Men

    111 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    For men with alternative lifestyles who understand that being gay/bi does not change or conflict with their manliness. This group discusses the…

  • AoM PhotoGroup

    621 members Latest Activity: Apr 29

    Alright, all of you budding and seasoned photographers out there. Here's your official AoM Group. Let's do ourselves proud, by becoming the…

  • The Official Art of Manliness Book Club

    2137 members Latest Activity: 17 hours ago

    Welcome to the AoM Book Club! We'll use this space to discuss a new book every month. It's one thing to read a book and digest it on your own, but…

  • Teachers' Club (for men in Education)

    61 members Latest Activity: May 25

    Virtual staff room for visionary teachers of every discipline. This is a good place for educators to discuss their collective role in…

  • Everyday Carry

    395 members Latest Activity: Jun 20 A group to discuss those objects we carry every day, and the balance between utility, effectiveness, and sentimentality.

  • Pickup Trucks

    33 members Latest Activity: Jun 2

    In the Old West a man's horse was his first love. This is a group for those who feel that saw love for their pickup truck.

  • Traditional Catholic Men

    54 members Latest Activity: May 11 This is a group for traditional Catholic men to share their experiences, ask questions and help each other keep the faith.

  • Latin

    67 members Latest Activity: Jun 23 A group for those interested in the history of the Latin language and those who see it's benefits in a modern world.

  • Ireland and the Irish Diaspora

    109 members Latest Activity: May 11 If you are Irish/Irish decent or interested in learning more about Ireland come and join the craic.

  • Prostate Cancer Support

    12 members Latest Activity: Apr 18 It's not just an old man's disease. 1 in 6 men will have Prostate Cancer. It is estimated that in 2007 about 218,890 men were diagnosed and about…

  • Rugby

    144 members Latest Activity: Jun 5 A group for everyone out there who believes that rugby is the manliest of manly sports.

  • Airships

    18 members Latest Activity: Apr 26

    For all airship aviation enthusiasts, remembering the golden age when blimps and dirigibles ruled the skies.  

Latest Activity

Sir replied to Leonardo McGrabe's discussion Swimwear in the US
"I tend to wear underwear, but I don't see how anyone's going to notice."
3 hours ago
Leonardo McGrabe replied to Leonardo McGrabe's discussion Swimwear in the US
"Ok, thanks. I guess it's just a cultural thing at the university.(Seems odd to it's in Ohio though.)"
3 hours ago
Mongoose commented on Mongoose's photo

Injured foot/Ankle

"OK: Doctorotrist it is."
3 hours ago
Steve Dallas replied to Leonardo McGrabe's discussion Swimwear in the US
"Well yeah, board shorts don't have the horrid, ill-fitting, super uncomfortable internet. Long live the fat bald guy in the board shorts(me)"
3 hours ago
Vendetta commented on Mongoose's photo

Injured foot/Ankle

"Only if you pay me royalties!"
3 hours ago
Mongoose commented on Mongoose's photo

Injured foot/Ankle

"I think my coworkers are probably getting grossed out by me walking around barefoot all day. It grosses me out to walk on the company carpet barefoot. But I have the ice pack tied around the ankle and can't put socks or shoes on over it."
4 hours ago
Mongoose commented on Mongoose's photo

Injured foot/Ankle

"Heh, doctorologist. I'm going to steal that."
4 hours ago
Nick H replied to David F.'s discussion The USA should Promote States to Nations and from a Union of Nation States like the EU. in the group The Great Debate
"Maybe like Star Trek's Federation?"
4 hours ago

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