Greetings from Oregon

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Unpopular Opinions Thread

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Men who whine about women?

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Tarzan flick as date?

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Fantasy Fans?

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what to post on my website?

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Should I take this Promotion?

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Patrick Smith replied to Persona non Grata's discussion What's the worst evil one can commit? in the group The Great Debate
"I agree. I like in knowsley which is right by Liverpool. I used my brain and voted remain. People who voted leave seem to have given it no consideration whatsoever. Some used it as a protest against the government, others seem to think they were…"
31 minutes ago
Tony R posted a discussion

Greetings from Oregon

I've been visiting the site regularly for about a year now, figured I'd join. Anyhow, I was born and raised in Oregon. Hope to go into law and agriculture- perhaps manage the family farm in the future. I enjoy hunting, fishing, blacksmithing, & collecting books and antiques. Yearn for the old world morals and manners, so I enjoy this site and hope to better myself by it. TonySee More
1 hour ago
Tony R updated their profile
1 hour ago
Persona non Grata replied to Pale Horse's discussion Brexit in the group The Great Debate
"I'm happy about their independence, I see smaller size of government as primarily a good thing in all forms, much as I do smaller, locally owned businesses versus massive corporations.And like JB said, the people who seem to object to it the…"
3 hours ago
Persona non Grata replied to Braeden P.D.'s discussion Unpopular Opinions Thread
"I believe the band members are libertarians, I recall reading that somewhere.The song "Big Money" was allegedly in support of libertarian politics."
3 hours ago
Persona non Grata replied to Persona non Grata's discussion Men who whine about women?
"I see it occasionally on this forum, and of course on other social media websites it's more prevalent.Occasionally hear it in real life too from guys I know or run into, annoys me because it's so whiney and defeatist."
3 hours ago
Steve Dallas replied to Braeden P.D.'s discussion Unpopular Opinions Thread
"Is it me or are the majority of Rush fans also libertarians?"
3 hours ago
Liam Strain replied to Pale Horse's discussion The Wiles of the Devil in the group Christian Men
" That's a big "if," Ke-mo sah-bee. Nice strawman though. "
4 hours ago

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